Why Choose Us

Discover a Solution with the Top Hearing Aid Brands with Our Trial in Singapore

20dB Digisound is a pioneer professional hearing care centres that has a large network of professional hearing care outlets with qualified audiologists and hearing care specialist in Singapore. Established in 2002.

At 20dB Digisound, we provide a strong network of convenient neighbourhood hearing care centres across Singapore that continually strives to find innovative ways to serve you better.

Vision: We strive towards becoming the preferred choice of audiological services and hearing aid fitting centre in Singapore and Malaysia.


  • To establish islandwide network of hearing centres with qualified audiologists and related professionals.
  • To create awareness of hearing impairment and hearing aid rehabilitation.

Corporate Value:

H – Humble
E – Ethical
A – Accountable
R – Resilient

Our core values drive our dedication to delivering outstanding care and service to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and well-being on their hearing journey. With over two decades of experience, we've assisted 64,000+ people in Singapore in regaining their hearing ability. By grasping your hearing needs and desires, we empower you to make informed choices and experience optimal results. Don't let hearing loss limit you. Reach out now to book your free hearing test and find your perfect solution.

Premium Quality of Product Range Exclusively at 20dB Digisound

20dB Digisound carry Phonak and Unitron brands in Singapore, and these are the top and recognised international hearing aids brands. The Unitron brand is exclusively available at 20dB Digisound only, in Singapore. The competitive product range offers the best and premium quality of hearing aids that help to improve your hearing ability. Our audiologists and specialists will be able to advise you on the hearing aids that would best suit your hearing needs!

Hearing Aids Take Home Trial for Up To 20 Days

We believe experience is everything. Who doesn’t want to try before you buy? To know if any hearing aid is right for you, 20dB Digisound’s free take-home trial allows you to try it out at home for up to 20 days to experience if it makes any difference to one’s life. You can try the hearing aids with no risk and no obligation. If you are not happy with the results, you can return the products, pay nothing, and walk away.

We concede that not everyone may find a hearing aid useful, though. Which is why, through the take-home trial program provided, customers are given a figure on how much the hearing aid can help so that they can gauge for themselves what they pay for is worth the money.

Personalised Hearing Solution For Individuals

20dB Digisound exclusively provides personalised hearing solutions based on each individual hearing condition. Custom tailored hearing care is the best way to go if you are facing hearing loss as it will ensure that the hearing aid is not only fit to the shape of your ear, but it will also suit your lifestyle. Hearing aids are a personal item that should work for your needs. Everyone is different; therefore, you require one that assists your hearing the way that you need it. With a personalised hearing solution for you by our audiologists and specialists, you will find the best solution to your hearing loss. 

Competitive Pricing & Installment Available to Cater Your Needs

While many see 20dB Digisound as a premium brand, if you ask any of our customers, we do actually provide competitive pricing! This is to ensure that every customer we serve is fully satisfied with what we can offer. What’s more? We are offering a 6 – 12 months installment plan for those who prefer to pay in stages. You can discuss more with our audiologist during your visit!

Professional & Caring Staff Always At Your Service

At 20dB Digisound, we are more than just your audiologists. When it comes to your hearing needs, we are your long-term caretakers as well and will always be prompt and attentive in addressing them. In fact, many of our customers tell us that our audiologists and clinicians are good listeners who empathize with them, and are experienced in finding solutions for challenging sound environments!

Convenient Location & Support Islandwide

20dB Digisound provides islandwide support through 5 outlets in Singapore. Our hearing clinics span from Jurong East to Katong, and we are still continuing expanding to serve the local communities. Most of our clinics are located within shopping malls nearby MRT stations, which you can always drop by easily. Customers who travel or relocate can go to any of 20dB Digisound outlets in Singapore that is convenient for them to seek complimentary consultation or product service. After getting a hearing aid, you are always welcomed back to our centre to talk to the audiologists and be assessed on your hearing experience.