Our Aftercare Promise

Aftercare Promise

When you purchased a hearing aid from 20dB Digisound, it comes complete with a lifetime of aftercare. Our programme is specially designed to help you get the best hearing experience and the most out of your hearing aid. It consists of:

Follow-up appointments

It may take time to get used to your new hearing aids. Follow up appointments are used to discuss your first experiences and ensure your hearing aids are supporting your hearing needs the best they can. Based on your initial experience, fine tuning adjustments may be made to improve your hearing aids performance to provide the most effective and comfortable hearing experience. Remember, all appointments at 20dB Digisound are free-of-charge.

Biannual check-ups

These appointments are really helpful. We will check the health of your ears and make sure your hearing aid is working properly every 6 months. If need to, we will clean your hearing aids and make any fine adjustments.


Your hearing may change over time, which is why we recommend a full reassessment at 20dB Digisound at least every 2 years or more frequently if necessary. At this appointment, we will carry out a full hearing test, check your ears and decide whether your hearing aids need adjustment or reprogramming to support your new hearing levels effectively.

Service appointments

If you have a problem or need advice in between the scheduled aftercare appointments, we are here to help.
We are always available for you at any stage of your personalised hearing care journey.
You can contact us on 6338 9626 to book an appointment.