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At 20dB Digisound, we believe no one should live with an untreated hearing loss. We have made it our mission to provide outstanding professional audiological services and care to our clients, improving theirs and their loved one's quality of life.

Your hearing is important, and we know it is imperative for you to choose the right people to look after it. At 20dB Digisound, we spend time getting to know you, and what you care about so we can offer you an excellent hearing experience. We look forward to supporting you throughout every stage of your journey towards better hearing.


Our Services

Hearing Screening

Invisible hearing aids

These custom-made hearing aids fit directly into your ear canal, making them very discrete. With fully automatic technology, so there is no need to manually adjust hearing aids.

Hearing Screening


The latest hearing aids offer an environmentally friendly and powerful battery technology, meaning you never have to buy and change batteries again.

Hearing Screening

Bluetooth technology

Connect your hearing aid directly to your smartphone for hands-free calling or use your hearing aid like headphones for TV / music.

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You are Invited to Celebrate Chinese New Year with 20dB Digisound

Hearing is happiness. Embark a Powerful Hearing in the year of Tiger. Let us express our deep gratitude to our loved ones and celebrate this coming family reunion with a better hearing. To celebrate this CNY, 20dB Digisound will be giving out AngPow rebate up to $880 and a mystery gift upon purchase of Unitron Moxi Blu hearing aids. Terms and conditions apply.

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虎虎声威 20dB为您挚爱送上如虎般的听力

听觉是人体重要的五大感官之一,相信您和我们一样重视它。希望适逢农历虎年,能帮助您拥有更好的听力和沟通,轻松自在地与家人团聚喜迎新春。 20dB Digisound 举办新春促销活动,特意回馈民众,凡购买Unitron Moxi Blu 的助听器,将可享有限时红包回扣高达$880和神秘礼物。须符合条规。