Here’s the Best Gift for Your Parents

Let’s face the facts. 

Singaporeans don’t have the best work-life balance, and this can negatively impact the personal relationships around us.

It was Mother’s Day (14 May) recently.

But Mother’s Day and Father’s Day aren’t public holidays, which they totally should be, and it’s not every time it coincidentally falls on a weekend to be celebrated.

Children get busy with their own lives, sometimes even catching a glimpse of them is hard, let alone arranging a nice family day out when said children just want to face plant into a pillow for the weekend to simply rest and relax.

The Woes of Ageing

Another harsh truth that children are often confronted with, as we look up to our parents as role models, is that time and age is a ruthless mistress that slowly plunders the best out of the physical bodies, though never their souls.

There are common illnesses and problems that come with growing old: arthritis, high blood pressure, farsightedness, Alzheimer’s, or the degradation of hearing abilities.

Did you know that according to some scientific studies, three in four elderly in Singapore, typically above the age of 70, suffer from some kind of age-related hearing loss?

Scientifically, age-related hearing loss is called presbycusis, and it can be the result of numerous factors altogether.

For example, there are long periods of exposure to loud noises, which is kind of unavoidable in a busy, metropolitan city. The noise damages the sensory hair cells in your ears, but they can’t be grown back like the hair on your head, so your ability to hear diminishes.

There are also changes to the inner ear or middle ear as we grow older, or it can be as complex as problems cropping up in the nerve pathways from our ears to the brain.

The main problem is that the gradual insensitivity to sound often goes unnoticed because the process takes place slowly; it’s like how you wouldn’t notice much change to your appearance if you looked at yourself in the mirror every day.

How Can You Help Your Parents?

Maybe it’s an ingrained religious or philosophical belief that you have to be filial to your parents, only bolstered by your love for them.

No one likes to see their own parents suffer from conditions that arise by no fault of their own.

Your parents’ health, and their ears, are important.

If you notice that your parents or loved ones happened to be experiencing some form of hearing loss, it needs to be treated by the professionals as soon as possible.

Since this is the season where we show our love and concern for our parents, why not start with their fundamental needs first?

Introducing 20dB Digisound

Like everything health related, the first and most crucial step is to get a check-up first.

With 20dB Digisound, the hearing healthcare company has dedicated themselves to providing an affordable solution for varying degrees of hearing loss, by providing their clients with personalised care from their hardworking and professional team.

As a seal of guarantee for their authenticity, they have been in business for 20 years, and they strive to become the preferred choice of audiological services and hearing rehabilitation centres in Singapore.

20dB Digisound currently has five branches across the island that are overseen by qualified audiologists, namely in Jurong East (West Gate)KatongNovena Square 2China Town and Orchard (Lucky Plaza).

The company hopes to spread the importance of hearing awareness.

The cherry on top?

20dB Digisound offers free hearing tests and you can easily book an appointment online.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing invasive or intrusive about the test; the patient will only be required to respond to a series of sounds played through headphones, which will test for the receptiveness of their outer, middle, and inner ear, as well as the bone conduction.

The results come out fairly quickly as well, plotted on an audiogram chart that details exactly what your hearing condition is like.

Throughout the entire check-up, your dedicated audiologist will help interpret the results so that you can understand the extent and nature of any hearing loss, or if there’s a pre-existing and previously unknown condition.

For the cherry on top?

This is an exclusive for 20dB Digisound website readers, but you can get a comprehensive hearing assessment, with tips from a professional that will help you improve your hearing.

On Hearing Aids

If your loved ones happen to be suffering from some form of hearing loss, 20dB Digisound has you covered too.

After all, it is their mission to provide excellent professional audiological services and care to their clients, to improve their quality of life.

Our ears are such important sensory organs; intrinsic to our every day lives, and plays a huge part in how we can enjoy simple pleasure, from listening to music, the chirping of birds in the morning, or the sound of a trickling brooklet.

Just like how spectacles can vastly aid our eyes from any visual strains, 20dB Digisound has a wide range of hearing aids made by leading manufacturers.

Whether you’re looking for hearing aids that are practically invisible, rechargeable or have replaceable batteries, or ones that can even be connected to your smartphones like Airpods, 20dB Digisound promises to deliver.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 111701

Finding the correct hearing aids that suit your lifestyle and make up for your level of hearing loss can be difficult, but your audiologist will be with you through every step of the way.

During this Parents' Day month, you can enjoy a complimentary hearing aids trial for up to 20 days, to see if the hearing aids you’re paired with suits your needs perfectly.

Plus, after taking up 20dB Digisound’s hearing aids, you will be given the following benefits:

  1. Follow-up appointments to discuss if you’re experiencing any discomfort with your paired hearing aid, and if they’re supporting your hearing needs as they should. Fine-tunings and appointments are all free-of-charge.
  2. Setting up biannual check-ups to ensure that the health of your ears are properly evaluated. Your hearing aids will be cleaned too.
  3. Up to two years warranty on your hearing aids.
  4. A recommended full reassessment of your hearing abilities every two years.

All of the mentioned above is part of 20dB Digisound’s Lifetime Aftercare Promise, where they will support your hearing needs until the very end.

Promotions and Giveaways

Currently, 20dB Digisound will be giving out TWG Premium Gift to participants of the Parents’ Day Promotion.

To get the gift, simply purchase the Unitron Blu or Phonak Lumity hearing aids, which all boast Bluetooth connectivity, as well as other features.

The promotion is valid until 30 June 2023.

What are you waiting for?

Regardless of your parents’ age, or that of your loved ones, healthcare and ear care is extremely important!

Better yet, why wait when there’s a promotion that can make hearing aids extra affordable, should they be necessary?

Book appointment today!


Written by: Tiffany, Marketing Manager