Making any purchase online has never been easier. The rapid growth of online marketplaces and globalization of shipping routes have provided greater accessibility to us as consumers. But despite all the convenience of online shopping, there are some caveats we should be aware of. When it comes to medical devices such as hearing aids, the price tag and convinience isn’t always better. Many online sellers advertise their amplifiers as hearing aids to deceive unwary users. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Below are but a few of the reasons why you should get your hearing aids at our hearing centers instead of unreputable online stores.

  1. Lack Of ProperHearing Evaluation

Hearing aids are not a one-and-done fix. Without a proper hearing evaluation, the hearing aids purchased may not be right for you. They need to be programmed according to your unique ear shape, hearing threshold, and your specific listening requirements. A diagnostic hearing test is always necessary to fit the hearing aid appropriately. Most online stores only perform online hearing tests for their users and that is if they are lucky. Online sellers often don’t carry out hearing test but ship the products as is without prior programing. This is akin to an online spectacles shop sending you glasses without knowing your prescription. Furthermore, if you measure it online, the results of your hearing test are likely to be inaccurate due to the lack of calibration and proper equipment as well as the effect of the surrounding noise. The hearing level is more precisely measured in a soundproof room with proper equipment. By performing a hearing test at the hearing centre or hospital, you are able to know the type and the degree of your hearing impairment as well as obtain your diagnosis from a certified audiologist.  

Keep in mind that hearing aids are not a one-time affair. To reap maximum benefit, it is recommended that you attend  follow-up sessions to fine-tune your hearing aids to suit your hearing level and lifestyle. These sessions are usually free within a period of time following your purchase if you obtained your hearing aids from a hearing centre. By purchasing it at the clinic, the audiologist can ensure your hearing aid is tuned to your needs. Unfortunately, wearing hearing aids is not as simple as wearing spectacles. It will take a while for your ears to adjust to the sounds from the hearing aid. Hence why audiologists set up several follow-up appointments for counseling and adjustments. All of this is not possible when you buy hearing aids from an online store. Buying hearing aids online would be a complete waste of money if not fitted appropriately by the hearing care professional.

  1. No Hearing Aid Trial

Clients should get a deeper understanding of the products before purchasing the right hearing aids for them. This usually requires at least an hour’s discussion with a qualified audiologist to make the best selections of the hearing aid according to their listening requirements, lifestyle, and budget. When a client purchases a hearing aid online, they do not get the opportunity to try the hearing aid prior to purchasing. This may inevitably lead to regret when clients realized they had to fork out a substantial sum for a subpar product. At our clinic, we provide free take-home hearing aid trials to our clients. The hearing aid of their choice is programmed on the manufacturer’s software by our audiologist to match their requirements and their test results. Our audiologist also will check periodically to ensure the performance of the hearing aid is according to their listening needs.  

  1. No Warranty

Hearing aid manufacturers often offer warranties when their products are sold. It is very important since the hearing aid can break down and needs to be serviced. These warranties typically lasts anywhere from one to two years after being purchased and are only valid when sold through authorized retailers. Since many of these online hearing aid shops source their hearing aid through intermediaries (not directly from the factory), they are unable to provide any warranty to their clients when they purchase them online. Lastly, be careful not to get tricked by unreputable online sellers offering false warranty.

  1. 20dB Digisound Provides Peace Of Mind

Purchasing from 20dB Digisound will give you peace of mind. We ensure that our audiologist will deal with all of your concerns and questions throughout your usage. We can help you to purchase the best hearing aids for you according to your lifestyle and listening needs. Our audiologists are highly experienced and dedicated. We understand the local consumers, are able to communicate better in the same dialect and serve our patients better. This allows us to provide islandwide support and better hearing health care for the local community. 20dB Digisound brings an elite hearing experience to your doorstep, especially for those who value privacy or do not have transport and time to go to our outlets. Our professional audiologist will perform a hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting, and hearing consultation from the comfort of your home with the same standard that you would find in the clinic.