Simple Tips on managing your Hearing Aids while wearing face mask during this pandemic

Wearing face masks during this Covid-19 pandemic has become second nature to us. However, for hearing aid users, managing both face masks and behind-the-ear (BTE) or receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids is often a real struggle. Hearing aid users are consumed with constant worry and fear that they might lose their hearing aids while removing their face masks. This fear may deter them from wearing their hearing aids regularly. If you resonate with this struggle, look no further. We are going to provide some simple tips on how to manage your hearing aids.


1. Handling hearing aids with care

Wearing hearing aids first and then placing the face mask over the hearing aids helps secure hearing aids in place. It is helpful to frequently check that the hearing aids are still securely positioned during donning and removal of the face mask.

When removing your face mask, carefully remove one side at a time. Do not pull the mask off. Hold the body of the hearing aid with one hand while removing the strap with the other hand so that the hearing aid does not fall off.  It is better to remove the hearing aids at one spot while seated so that it is easier to locate the hearing aids even if they fall off.


2. Tie back long hair into ponytail

If you have long hair, it can get in the way when you are trying to manage both hearing aids and face masks. Tying it back into a ponytail may prevent hair from getting in the way of wearing and removal of hearing aids.


3. Using masks that stay off the ears

Masks with strings that can be tied at the back of the head or masks with over the head elastic loops such as N95 masks can be worn to prevent hearing aids from getting tangled with the ear loops of face masks. Masks that can be tied at the back also relieves pressure off ears. 


4. Using mask extender hooks

If you prefer using masks with two ear loops, accessories such as mask extender hooks can be used. Alternatively, one can sew buttons on a piece of ribbon or fabric and attach it to their mask.


5. Hearing aid retention cords

The hearing aid retention cords can be attached to the hearing aids and the crocodile clips can be used to secure the hearing aids to the clothing of hearing aid users. Some hearing aid retention cords such as Ear Gear corded have a hearing aid sleeve that fits over the hearing aid, protecting it from sweat, dirt, dust and moisture. Moreover, Ear Gear has a clip that can be clipped onto the shirt so that even if the hearing aids were to fall off the ears, they will stay dangling. These hearing aid retention cords can be purchased at 20dB Digisound. 

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6. Phonak Stick N Stay

Phonak Stick N Stay are clear sticky pads that are designed to follow the shape of BTE or RIC. One side can be attached to the hearing aid while the other side can stick onto the user’s skin, keeping the hearing aid in place. The sticky pads are easily attached and removed and can stay up to 8 hours. The sticky pads are biocompatible and leave no residue when removed.  These are suitable for both adults and children above the age of three years old. You can purchase these accessories at 20dB Digisound. 

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7. Purchase hearing aid insurance

One can also consider purchasing hearing aid insurance if they are worried of losing their hearing aids. Contact us to find out more information about hearing aid insurance.

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