Embrace Dragon's Roar with Clearer Hearing in 2024!

As the firecrackers crackle and families gather, the Lunar New Year promises a symphony of laughter, chatter, and joyous cheers. Yet, for some, these vibrant sounds might be shrouded in the quiet veil of hearing loss. But before you believe the myths, let's set the record straight:

Myth: Hearing loss makes you look old and they were large and visibly obvious

Fact: Today’s hearing aids are significantly more discreet and technologically advanced. The majority of today’s hearing aid options are sleek, compact and innovative. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, there are a wide range of options and styles to choose from. Most of the  hearing aids can also  be connected to your smartphone, computer, or television through wireless connections. Using a mobile application, you can adjust the sound levels of the hearing aids and even send audio directly to your hearing aids. Celebrate with loved ones without sacrificing style!

Myth: Everyone with hearing loss needs the same hearing aid.

Fact: Just like fingerprints, hearing needs are unique. The hearing aids have become more advanced in terms of technology and there are different types of the hearing aids which come in different sizes such as In-The-Ear (ITE), Receiver -In- Canal (RIC) and Behind- the Ear (BTE). 20dB Digisound offers free hearing screenings and hearing aid take home trial for up to 20 days to find the perfect fit for your Dragon-worthy roar.

Myth: Hearing aids are very noisy and loud.

Fact: Initially, the sounds may appear to be too loud. An audiologist needs to do constant follow ups with the patient and fine-tune the hearing aids over one to six months to help the patient receive the maximum benefit from the optimized setting of the hearing aid. Audiologist play an important role in making an accurate diagnosis and providing professional consultation to solve hearing problem. 

Myth: Hearing loss only affects your ears.

Fact: Studies have shown that untreated hearing loss, even mild cases, can contribute to cognitive decline and can be an early indicator for Alzheimer 'or Dementia. Hearing loss also shares correlations with a higher risk for hypertension, loss of balance, and depression, and is twice as common in individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes. 

It's not just about missing festive greetings; it's about protecting your well-being.

Myth: I can ignore my hearing loss.

Fact: Early intervention is key! Embrace the gift of clear hearing this Lunar New Year with 20dB Digisound:

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Don't let hearing loss steal your joy. Embrace the Dragon's roar, reconnect with loved ones, and rediscover the vibrant soundscape of life with 20dB Digisound. 

Schedule your hearing test today and start the year with the gift of clear hearing.


Written by: Mohana, Audiologist at 20dB Digisound