For individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing impairment, hearing aids can be an extraordinary solution to overcome social and communication barriers. However, when hearing loss becomes severe-to-profound, hearing aids may no longer be sufficient to meet their hearing needs. This level of hearing loss will often require a more advanced solution, such as a cochlear implant. Hence, we bring you Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants to help those with severe-to-profound hearing loss.  

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that helps clients regain their sense of hearing and hear in more challenging environments. Cochlear implants (CI) consist of an external sound processor and an implantable receiver unit that sits beneath the skin. The implants will take the sounds and convert them into electrical signals which bypasses the damaged region in the cochlea to stimulate the auditory nerves directly with electrodes. When the brain receives signals from the auditory nerve, this results in the perception of sound by the user.

At 20dB, we focus on innovations that improve your quality of life. Because of that, the 20dB Cochlear Implant Team was founded to help hearing impaired individuals with Advanced Bionics cochlear implant technology. Advanced Bionics is a U.S.–based manufacturer of CI that first developed bi-modal hearing solution for CI recipients. Essentially, bimodal hearing is a term coined to describe the use of CI in one ear and hearing aids in the other ear. This happens because our client may have different levels of hearing loss between ears, thereby, allowing the better hearing ear to rely on hearing aids. So, the hearing aid will work in tandem with Advanced Bionics cochlear implant using the Binaural Voice Stream Technology to present sound with the best quality possible to the users. 

Another reason we prefer Advanced Bionics as a brand is because above all else, audiologists from 20dB prioritise your convenience. One innovation that Advanced Bionics pioneered is the HIRES Ultra3D Implant which allows users to undergo MRI examination without prior preparation, bandaging or surgery to remove the implant magnet. Unlike other CI models, HIRES Ultra 3D CI contains an innovative magnet in the implant which provides flexible alignment to the MRI field, allowing both adult and children to safely undergo high-resolution imaging up to 3.0 Tesla MRI. Such technology is hassle free to surgeons, radiologists and patients as there is no magnet removal surgery required and the user can undergo MRI up to 200 times without risk of damaging the implants.

Not only that, AB CI has the largest number of channels, resolution and dynamic range compared to the other CI brands, resulting in clearer speech and music perception. This innovation has led the HIRES Ultra 3D to win awards such as the MEDTECH’S Breakthrough Award 2019 for best overall medical device solution. Written by patrick seow wi liam

Audiologists from the 20dB CI Team are trained in hearing rehabilitation, implant mapping and CI unit maintenance to ensure consistent quality support to our CI recipients throughout their hearing journey. We have 5 outlets islandwide to serve the CI recipients all over Singapore. We aim to provide a CI support centre which is easily accessible for the patient and their family. Every aspect of our CI service has been optimized for clarity, comfort, ease of use, and reliability—allowing our CI recipients to hear at their very best.


Written by: Patrick Seow, Clinical Audiologist