Making a New Year’s resolutions is easy. The hard part is finding the discipline and motivation to stick to your goals for the rest of the year. Just look at the stack of unused gym membership cards at the back of your drawer come March. The best resolutions are ones that can be completed. While it’s a good thing to aim for the stars and land on the moon, even the greatest ambitions can be undermined if you throw in the towel before the year is done. Instead, try setting smaller, sustainable targets to help you leapfrog your way to a better version of yourself.

Effortless hearing and communication are the holy grail of every person with hearing impairment. A common misconception is that hearing aids can instantly restore your hearing and cure deafness. Alas, that is simply wishful thinking. Even with optimally fitted hearing aids, it may take time and practise to get used to hearing again. Remember, you may have had hearing loss for years without realising. Your brain could have forgotten the way the door creaks or the rumble of thunder or chirping of birds. All these sounds in the environment were previously barred from your notice due to hearing loss. The connections that your brain have made will rewire itself when not in use. As a result, you will have “forgotten” certain sounds. Your hearing aids may even feel a tad overwhelming as your brain attempts to cope with the novel incoming stimuli for the first time.

That is why with hearing aids, you must undertake the journey of learning to hear all over again. Your brain needs to be retrained to make full use of the aids. While the thought of this can be unsettling, you need not worry as you will not be alone on this trip. Our audiologists at 20dB believe in helping you every step of the way. From greeting you at the door, to assessing your hearing level and fitting you with hearing aids, we will do all that is necessary to help you hear clearly again.

Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people - Helen Keller

So, set your New Year’s resolution to hear your friends and loved ones better this year. Stop feeling like you’re missing out on the best moments in life and stay connected with our line of hearing aids designed to offer you an unrivalled listening experience, be it at home or on-the-go. Take charge of your life now and invest in your hearing for it will allow you to truly live.

Patrick Seow, Clinical Audiologist at 20dB Group