Hearing Screening VS Hearing Evaluation

Definition of hearing screening:

A quick or simple test that will give you result pass or fail. You do not need to do further test if the result showed pass and it is presumed you have no hearing loss. If result fail, you may need further in-depth testing to clarify level and type of hearing loss present.

Definition of hearing evaluation:

A complete hearing assessment. You must see an audiologist to do it and you will know about your hearing problem such as:

  • the type of hearing loss
  • how severe it is
  • caused of hearing loss
  • possible treatment options



New-born hearing screenings are essential before leaving the hospital.


Should have an additional hearing screening before they start school to ensure no language or education problems later on in life.

Healthy adults ages 18-40 years old:

Hearing test every 3 to 5 years even though not experienced any noticeable hearing difficulty. This is more likely as baseline test or screening.

People who exposed to loud noise:

Usually people who work in noisy environments, regularly participate in noisy activities or involved professions where sudden loud noises are common such as military. They should have annually hearing check up to monitor hearing level due to frequently exposed to loud noises. As result, they tendency to have permanent damage of hair cells in the inner ear.

People over the age of 60:

Aging process or presbycusis due to damage to the hair cells in the inner ear more frequent, altering the ability to comprehend high frequencies sound and in crowded place. Hence, for all adults beginning at the age of 60 annual hearing assessments are recommended regardless of whether or not they are realized symptoms.

People with hearing loss:

Check hearing level twice a year or at least once a year.


We provide hearing assessment and evaluation for those aged 7 and above at 20dB Digisound. With our friendly audiologist, you would be able to know more about your hearing health. Book your appointment here, or call our customer care hotline at 6338 9626 for further enquiry.